A continuum of language services

INTERSIGNE. Copywriting. Translation. Communication. Knowledge dissemination. Social ecology.


Intersigne has been providing general copywriting, translation and communication services for more than 20 years.

Suzanne Grenier and Lou Lamontagne have brought together a team of language professionals who, with intelligence and careful attention to detail, write, translate, edit and adapt texts for use in the cultural worlds of English and French. Our services also include translation from Spanish to French, as well as from French and English to Spanish.

Intersigne can take on complex, integrated projects. We develop visual concepts, shape content, oversee editing, create websites and publicize and promote messages and organizations on social media. For each project, we select the best-suited partners from our network of professional illustrators, graphic designers, web developers, etc.


Intersigne dedicates a significant portion of our energies to knowledge-sharing, appropriately balancing academic rigour and creativity.

We work with academics and researchers, the public service, cultural and community organizations, media and publishing houses to create high-quality publications in the tone that best reflects their aims.

Our team knows how to apply the stylistic and typographical standards of scientific and academic publication, in both English and French. We have solid experience in the creation and translation of texts for the general public. We enjoy working on teaching and learning tools for scholastic, professional and social welfare settings. We excel at negotiating levels of language and using nuance to create or adapt texts that inform, raise awareness or call the readers to action.

We also offer thematic press-monitoring and produce newsfeeds and in-depth articles.

Intersigne often accepts mandates that entail research and analysis, calling in consultants for projects that require specialized knowledge.


Intersigne seeks out projects that promote social diversity and the common good.

We want to use our linguistic and communications resources for constructive and inclusive ends, so we avoid usage that perpetuates the stigmatization or marginalization of certain groups. In the same spirit, Intersigne strives to propose means of expression that are accessible to organizations of limited means.